The Beginner's Guide to Gut Health Course

Who is the course for?

This course was designed to be your guide, no matter where you are on your health journey.

You are probably feeling blah...

  • Bloated every day, embarrassed that your pants are too tight after each meal.

  • Can't remember your last #2 because it's so inconsistent OR you use coffee to go.

  • Carrying a little extra weight and you can't figure out why... you eat all the right things and exercise, but it won't go away.

  • Seasonal allergies- check!

  • Low energy- always.

  • Crappy sleep- is there anything else?

I've been there. I've experienced it all. And I've come to one conclusion...


It all comes back to the gut.


Healing Your Gut is the Key

(And the BGGH Can Help!)


What is the BGGH Course?

The Beginner's Guide to Gut Health is a virtual course built into a community that offers 1-on-1 support (cause haven't we all struggled with programs where you are left to your own devices?).


As a former kindergarten teacher turned health coach, I know what it takes to help people make changes- individualized instruction, accountability, and a group of people to turn to for support.

Each module will teach you one of the eight gut healing habits I've created. These habits have lasted the test of time and are all part of the daily life of the healthiest communities around the world. They will be explained in detail to you so you know why each is important, and how to incorporate them into your life, with your schedule. You take each week's module (about 30-60 minutes a module) online at your convenience, but will continue to have access to indefinitely.


Then we connect in a private Facebook group about how the habits are going, any questions you have, and you will connect with the other students going through the course. I will also share additional resources here if you need more help.

But the real kicker that sets this virtual course apart is the 1-on-1 help from me! You get to schedule two 30 minute sessions with me so that I can help you incorporate these habits in your unique life, with your specific hurdles.

So you will have the course, the community, and me holding you accountable.

The Modules

10 Modules that will cover food, lifestyle, and everything in between so your gut can start healing itself and you can start feeling fresh AF, saying good bye to bloating for good...

Module 1: Intro + The Gut Basics~ Learn all you need to know about the gut microbiome and what systems in your body it affects. *Spoiler- it affects nearly everything.

Module 2: Prebiotics~ We dive into these little bacteria, why they  are the MOST important for you to consume to heal your gut, and how to get them.

Module 3: Probiotics~ You can get them in many different forms- food, supplements, etc. We discuss it all in this module and why they are important.

Module 4: Postbiotics~ Probably the least well known biotic but the one that is touted as the fountain of youth. Yep, you want to get these in, module 4 will explain how.

Module 5: Sleep~ Ahhh, we all want it and know it's important but still struggle to get it. This module covers how the gut and sleep are connected and how to get your z's so you can support your gut, and just generally feel refreshed.

Module 6: Stress~ News flash!!! Continual stress can be bad for your body, and the gut is no exception. I've got you covered in this module.

Module 7: Optimized Digestion~ Easy, enjoyable digestion is a great way to support your gut. I will cover how to improve digestion in module 7.

Module 8: Hydration~ You might be surprised at how out of balance your gut microbiome can be simply because it's dehydrated. I will dive into how to keep yourself hydrated with new and fun habits.

Module 9: Toxins~ In this day and age, toxins are everywhere.  Module 9 explains how disruptive things like NSAIDS, antibiotics, and household products can be to the gut and how to slowly change your exposure.

Module 10: Additional resources~ This is the fun part! Recipes, PDFs, Meal Plans, and all the resources you need to continue to support your gut long after you've finished the course.


What resources will I get?


You know I love a good bonus...

Along with 10 modules covering all you need to know about the gut and how to heal it, you will get a handful of extra tools-

  • Weekly private Facebook group meetings (same day and time each week) where you can ask any question you have and share resources and ideas with other students along with me. This includes recordings of the meetings so you can see what's covered if you can't make it.

  • Two 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions with me to help you navigate the course, the habits, and how they will all fit into your life.

  • Access to the Facebook group for a year to continue to receive content and participate in discussions.

  • Tons of gut healing recipes.

  • My 7 Day Gut Healing Meal Plan PDF, The Gradual Gut Healing Meal Plan, and 2 Day Probiotic Meal Plan.

  • Accountability check-ins each week of the 10 week program from me to you directly.

Cool, cool, but how much does it cost?

BGGH Pricing

I know you are equal parts excited for this course and scared to hear the price tag.

Let's do a quick breakdown of what you are getting....

10 hours of course content- value = $970

Two 1 on 1 sessions w/ me- value = $194

10 one hour Facebook Group meetings moderated by me, live- value = $970

Access to the Facebook Group for a year- value = Free

Four meal plans- value = $160

Total Value = $2,294

However, the goal of my business is to make healthy living a reality for EVERYONE, not just people that have expendable income.

For that reason, I've priced the BGGH Course at just

$197 total

I sincerely believe everyone has the right to educate themselves about their body, and this discounted course is my way of fostering that principle.


Are you ready to heal your gut and start feeling your best?

Registration for the BGGH Course is OPEN!

Click here to enroll and start your path to feeling like your best self! 

You deserve it! ;)