What is Inspired Fridge?

Inspired Fridge is a meal planning service brought to you by Northwest Health Coaching!

When working with clients I often hear that people just don't have time to make nutritious meals, so they grab something while they are out.

Straight up, you aren't going to achieve your health goals this way. So I decided to help you out.


I have been meal prepping for years and it has had the longest lasting positive impact on my health. When things are busy, schedules are tight, and I am about to eat anything I can get my hands on, meal prepping has been my best pal from keeping me from diving into a big box of pizza.

Some people just aren't quite ready to go all in with meal prepping, so I thought I would take that one thing off your plate and put it in your Inspired Fridge prepped bowl!


Cool, got it. But what makes you different than other meal delivery services?

Try It Now!

All of our meals are made with real, whole, seasonal, and local ingredients. Many of our ingredients are organic and all of our meat/poultry is from humanely raised, organic farms that I have personally visited. You won't be getting any antibiotic filled meals or GMO corn-fed animal products. 

Also, my goal is to teach you how to meal prep yourself. You will get the recipes for the meals you are eating and tips on how to meal prep them yourself! 

There will also be meal options that require a little bit more work, so if you are just starting out as a cook, this would be a great way to ease your way into this life-changing process!

Sounds great! How does ordering and delivery work? 

Place your order by 1pm PST on Friday to get your meals Sunday evening OR place your orders by Monday 1pm PST to get your meals by Wednesday evening.


We make deliveries between the hours of 4- 8pm PST. After your order is placed, we will email you delivery time options and you can choose the most convenient time for you. You must be present for deliveries.   

We deliver to the greater Seattle, Bellevue and Renton areas. If you aren't sure if you are in our delivery area, send us an email and ask!