Meal Planning Services

If you need a little help getting real-food eating up and running in your home (and meals that your picky little eaters will actually eat), my meal plans got you.


 I have been meal planning and prepping for myself for well over 7 years now. I know what works. I know what doesn't. And I have a HUGE arsenal of scrumptious real-food meals that are easy to make and quick to put together.


We aren't talking hours of your weekend consumed with time in the kitchen. You have MUCH more important things to do than that, like binging The Office before it's taken off of Netflix (why?!), or that fun family hike you have been wanting to checkoff the bucket list.

I've got quick meals, specifically catered to you and your family's dietary and wellness needs.

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One 30 Minute Chat Can Change Your Health


All meal planning services start with a FREE 30 minute planning consultation where we dive deep into your health, goals, routines, dietary restrictions, food preferences, and anything that would affect your meal plans. 

Once I understand your meal plan needs, we decide on the length of time you will be using my services, we create a plan, and then I'm off and running, creating a completely customized meal plan that is just right for you, your family, and your lifestyle!

Kale and Broccoli Salad

5 Meals Plan

Need a real-food, 30 minute dinner plan for each night of the week? Or how about 3 dinners and 2 lunches? This meal plan is for you.

$28.75 a week, minimum of 4 weeks.


6+ Meals Plan

Needing some support with revamping and planning your entire diet? Try this all encompassing breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan. 6-10 meals planned for each week.

$40.25 a week, minimum of four weeks.


4 Week Plan

Because change doesn't happen overnight, all meal plan schedules are for a minimum of four weeks. 

12-24 Week Plan

If you are interested in making a more long-term commitment to your health, let's schedules 3 or 6 months of meal plans! You will receive 10% off your plans!

If you are interested in my meal planning services, please contact me to set up a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. No commitments, just time to chat! Click Below!