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One-on-One Health Coaching

My promise to you as your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is to be your mentor and guide. I will empower you and provide you with ongoing support as you set goals and make sustainable changes to your health. I will help you navigate the contradictory world of nutrition and help you determine what truly works best for your body. ​


We will work together to understand what real food is, how to get real food into your busy life, and what you can do right away to heal your gut. You will also learn all about my 6 Habits to Health, how they can transform your life, and how to realistically practice them daily.

Throughout the program, I will be helping you balance out the aspects of your life that impact your health. We will discuss your relationships, physical activity, career, and everything in-between, working towards a balanced, abundant, and nourishing life. 


This is your program and I am here to be your guide. If you would like help with a particular struggle (fatigue, food sensitivities, skin issues, digestion, etc.) I can cater your sessions to that need.

I got you!

Researching and Writing


Coaching Sessions Package

Includes twelve 

60 minute sessions,

meeting 1x a week or

2x a month, via video conference.

$97 per session

Modern Interior


Coaching Sessions


Includes ten

60 minute sessions,

meeting 1x a week or

2x a month, via video conference.

$107 per session

Notepad on Desk


Coaching Sessions Package

Includes six

60 minute sessions

2x a month, via video conference.

$127 per session

All Programs Include~

  • 60 minute sessions 2x or 4x a month

  • A fun and informative grocery store tour.

  • Access to my customizable meal plans.

  • Email and text support between sessions.

  • Tools to accomplish my 6 Habits to Health.

  • New, healthy recipes that support your health goals.

  • Handouts specific for your needs and goals.

  • Workshops to inspire lasting change in your life.

  • Books, articles, and handouts specific to your needs

  • Complete compilation of all notes and recommendations made during our sessions.

We will be working together to...

  • Explore who you are, who you want to be, and why.

  • Learn about my 6 Habits to Health and how to make them a staple in your life.

  • Decipher your body's unique needs.

  • Implement tools and strategies that fit into your daily life that make your body and mind feel its best.

  • Set personal goals and work toward sustainable change.

  • Heal your gut, making lasting health a reality.

Family Coaching Sessions

Do you and your nearest and dearest need some help with prioritizing your health?

Maybe you have kids that haven't bought into the idea of eating green things yet.

Family Health Coaching is a passion of mine and I have all the tools to get you started!

Couples Coaching Sessions~ $137 per session

Family of 3-5 Coaching Sessions~ $157 per session

Choose packages of 12, 10, or 6 sessions.