Fall Roundup- All the Healthy Tips and Recipes You Need For the Season

Fall is almost here! Clean out your crockpots, find your pumpkin spice candles, and wash your favorite football jersey because the best season of the year is upon us! (Can you tell I'm kinda into fall?)

After lot's of positive feedback from my Summer Roundup post (ok, one person's positive feedback...) I decided I would do another Roundup post for the Fall!

Here are some health resources, articles, and recipes that you might find helpful throughout this fall season!

Fall Health and Wellness Posts~

Boost Your Immunity Naturally- When fall rolls around, you know it's time to up your immune boosting routine. With Covid still lurking, our exposure to germs is less than normal, but because of Covid, it's more important than ever to keep yourself and your immune system healthy. Here are four things you can do to boost your immune system naturally.

6 Tips to Naturally Fight That Cold- If you miss the boat on boosting your immunity and actually DO get sick, this post shares six things you can do to recover quickly.

6 Things to Do Today to Detox Your Home- Right now most of us are navigating our new normal of being home ALL. DAY. LONG. School, work, and even social situations are being done at home. With everyone being in one living space all day, keeping the home toxin free is more important than ever. Read through this article to get tips on naturally detoxifying your home.

4 Tips for Back to School Lunch Prep- OK, again, things are weird right now. Your kids might not be going into a school for a while, but these lunch tips and lunch recipes can be good at home or for when they do go back to an actual school. Read over my four tips for packing lunches and four easy lunch ideas.

Fall Harvest Soup + Meal Prep- This 60 minute meal prep is perfect if you have some squash and other fall veggies laying around that you aren't sure what to do with!

Fall Recipes~

Homemade Bone Broth- Good anytime of year but especially good for fall because it helps boost your immune system and is perfect for all the fall soups!

Homemade Tomato Soup- Perfect for the end of summer/beginning of fall, when you still have tomatoes to use but are tired of salads. This homemade tomato soup is super easy and, literally, one of my very favorite comforting recipes.

Immune Boosting Roasted Carrot Soup- Again, we can use all the immune support we can get during the fall and, wowza this soup is good and uses seasonal ingredients. Make it. You will be happy.

Broccoli and Brussels Loaded Greens Casserole- Ok, enough with the soup recipes. Here is a casserole dish that gets lot's of gut nourishing greens in while feeling oh, so comforting.

Fall Veggie Roast Salad Bowl- A salad during the fall isn't always my fave. Cold food during cold weather just feels icky sometimes. This salad bowl does it different. The fall veggies are roasted along with the kale so that it's warm, comforting, healthy, and seasonal.

Beef and Veggie Mexican Casserole- A fan favorite of my recipes, this easy to throw together casserole has so much flavor, so many fiber filled plants, and all of the fall feels you want.

Nighttime Elixir- Though this is good year round, during the fall this nighttime elixir feels extra comforting and appropriate with the delicious smelling spices it includes. It is also great as a part of your bedtime routine, which we know is important for quality sleep. And sleep we know is important for keeping our immunity system running, so give this elixir a try!

I hope this post has prepared you to stay healthy and cozy during this fall season and the months ahead! Cheers!



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