How the Beginner's Guide to Gut Health Course is Different Than Most Virtual Courses

I know what you think when you hear of an online course…. “I will never finish it”. Or “I need individualized support, not this cookie cutter course.” Or maybe, “If no one holds me accountable, I will never make change.”

I hear you. Those have all been my thoughts when I’ve tried an online program or reading a diet book.

If no one is with me, offering advice, it’s not going to happen.

That’s exactly why I created the Beginner’s Guide to Gut Health Course, coming out on Wednesday, March 31st, the way I did.

It’s not just the 10 modules, meal plans, and all the food journals and poop logs you need. Those are all incredibly helpful tools to start healing your gut.

But it’s so much more…

It’s individualized

It has a minimum of two one-on-one sessions with me so that I can help you implement these gut healing habits in your, unique life. The sessions are scheduled by you, where you will come with all of your questions and things you are struggling with so I can help. Nothing cookie cutter about it! And if you need more than two session, you sign up for more!

It has community

It has a group of people working on the same outcome- healing the gut! You will be a part of a community that you can chat with, send your questions to, or swap recipes with anytime you want! The perfect place to inspire each other!

It has accountability

I’ve been in virtual groups where it’s up to me to move through the course at my pace, never having someone check in on me. Guess what? I don’t finish those courses or accomplish my goal.

The BGGH isn’t that. We have weekly group meetings to discuss the action steps from the module, making sure you are keeping up with the habits. And if they aren’t working, we are there to help!

My goal for this course is that all of the students start to heal their digestion and gut with habits that are realistic and fun! The only way you will get there is through the knowledge (course), individualized help (one-on-one support), community and accountability (group).

I know this course has everything you need to get there.

Take a peek at all it has to offer HERE!