Is Batch Cooking Helpful During Covid?

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The question has been posed…

Is batch cooking important during the coronavirus outbreak?

Today I'm answering that question. I will discuss who it can be helpful for and how to do it. So let's get into it!

Is batch cooking important during this crazy pandemic? My answer is YES! I think it is the perfect time to be batch cooking and here's why:

If you are somebody that is working from home and is REALLY busy...

batch cooking is still important.

Coming from someone that works from home year round, sometimes it feels so busy that you have really limited time to eat. Your schedule full, you have a lot to do , and sometimes putting together a meal amidst all of that can be really difficult . We often rely on throwing together a processed meal because we want something fast, something that we can eat during a call, or something we can eat in 10 minutes or less. Batch cooking is more important now than ever.

If you're somebody that is working from home but has MORE time on your hands...

batch cooking is still the way to go.

You can batch cook the way you would normally but up your game a little bit. Try meals that take a little bit longer to cook. Or try a full-blown recipe that you've been wanting to make, but instead of one portion, make a big batch of it so that you have it throughout the week.

When we have more time is often when our diet starts to slip. We start to eat more processed food or we make food that is unhealthy for us. If you have more time right now than normal, batch cooking is still an important component to your routine . It's about having healthy food readily available available for you. If you are at home more and are someone that is NEW to cooking or batch cooking...

it is the PERFECT time to be batch cooking!

Start learning to batch cooking now. Learn the tricks of the trade, learn what works for you while you have more time on your hands so that it is easier when your routine gets back to normal and you have less time. You will learn how to be efficient with it so when your schedule resumes, you can do it in less times.

If you are a newbie cook or you've been cooking for a long time but don't know what batch cooking is or how to do it, I've got a great Batch Cooking Framework Course ready to go for you.

You can snag it May 6th through 13th, available here!

It's the perfect tool for anybody that has been wanting to try out meal prepping or has meal prepped before and had an awful experience with it (it took hours/the food wasn't good). It's the perfect tool for you.

It's a process that takes 60 minutes a week to have all of your food prepped and ready to go., but leaves room for changing up your meals each day.

Grab my Batch Cooking Framework course between May 6th and May 13th and get started! It's a 60-minute course so you can take the course quickly, learn all of the tips and tools you need, and start applying it now as you have a little bit more time.

If you aren't ready for the full-blown course, learn about my Rule of 2- two things that you can batch cook to set you up for the week. Learn all about it in my free webinars-

Wednesday, May 6th @11:00am PST via Webex

Sunday, May 10th @ 9:00am PST via Webex

Tuesday, May 12th @ 4:00pm PST via Instagram Live

I hope this has inspired you to continue your batch cooking journey. Keep prepping food for yourself at the beginning of the week so that you are eating nourishing, healthy food, saving time, and saving money.

It is so important during this Covid time, and in fact, it's more important now than ever. We know eating real, healthy food helps boost our immune system, keeps us feeling good, and we all need that during this time.

So stay healthy and keep batch cooking!

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