Summer Roundup- All the Health Tips and Recipes You Need For the Season

There is something so sweet about summer.

Families pulling themselves off of their devices to get outside. The dose of vitamin D that gives us all a nice mood boost. Lengthy days that make you feel like you have more time to get things accomplished.

And the FOOD! All of the berries, summer squash and refreshing produce your body could want. It's the best.

This year I decided to round up my best summer blog posts and recipes for you to have in one spot! I'm talking sunscreen debates, best summer snacks, how to travel in a healthy way during the summer, and LOT's of summer recipes.

Here are all the health tips, wellness ideas, and recipes you need to enjoy all of the spoils of summer!

Sunscreen Vs. Vitamin D- Do We Have to Choose?

Checkout my sunscreen routine as I balance sun protection with getting enough vitamin D. I go over sun exposure- the pros, cons, and how to choose a healthy sunscreen.

Healthy Tips for Summer Traveling This newsletter shares easy tips to help you stay healthy while traveling. I get into healthy snacks, how to stay active, beating the bloat of travel, and a few things you can pack!

Summer Snacking- How to Keep it Healthy

Lot's of summer snack ideas that are perfect for the season and being on the go. It even includes a couple of recipes!

3 Day Pantry and Freezer Meal Plan

3 Day Pantry + Freezer Meal Plan
Download PDF • 94KB

I don't know about you, but I typically travel a lot during the summer. Having this meal plan and making sure my pantry and freezer are stocked with these items really comes in handy. I can throw something together after a long trip home without having to hit the grocery store! Click above for the free meal plan!


Here are some of the best seasonal summer recipes I have created over the last two years!


Cherries Jubilee Oatmeal

Costa Rican Inspired Acai Bowl


Fish Tacos + Carrot, Cucumber Slaw

Caprese Zucchini Pasta

Pantry Style Burrito Bowl

Summer Tomato Salad

Crab Cake Summer Salad


Homemade Sweet Chips and Bean Dip

Cowboy Caviar

I hope you use these tips to enjoy your summer in a healthy, healing way. Cheers to summer!

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