The 30 Plants Challenge and Plant Pantry Staples

Today the 30 Plants Challenge begins!!!

I'm so excited to get this fun challenge going, however, with the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, I'm sure some of you might be worried that you don't have access to enough plants for the week to participate.

Fear not! There's a good chance that your pantry holds a boat load of plants you can use. Below you will find information about this fun challenge along with a video about how to use your pantry staples to get you to your 30 plant goal for the week!

30 Plants Challenge Details

1. Runs from Monday, March 16th- Sunday, March 22nd.

2. Make a running list of all of the plants you eat throughout the week. Aim for 30 plants! Plants include fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, sea veggies, and whole grains.

3. Snap two pics throughout the week- one of a plant filled meal you are eating during the week, and one on Sunday of your plant list. Either email the pictures to me at or post them in your story or on your feed on Insta, tagging @northwesthealthcoahcing with the #30plantschallenge.

4. I will choose TWO winners in a drawing I do on Monday, March 23rd. The winners will receive a new kitchen utensil in the mail!

Why 30 Plants Challenge???

We know that a healthy gut equals a healthy you. The best way to support a healthy gut is not only getting lot's of fiber (healthy bacteria) but a variety of fiber. When you eat different plants, you are getting a variety of plant fiber, increasing the good bacetria in your gut and supporting the probiotic bacteria, helping it flourish.

Additionally, 70% of your immune system is housed in your gut. If you want a healthy immune system, improving your gut is the place to start.

What if I am afraid to go to the grocery store for fresh produce right now because of the coronavirus pandemic???

Practicing social distancing right now is important. If you feel like a trip to the grocery store isn't in the cards, I've got two ideas- grocery delivery service and plants from the pantry.

Many grocery stores and online stores have delivery options, so see if those are an option for you. Also, your pantry probably holds lot's of whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and maybe even some shelf stable fruits and veggies!

Watch the below video for plant pantry staples that will help you get to your 30 plant goal!

I can't wait to see the plants you eat this week and hear how eating a variety of plants makes you feel! Good luck!

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