The Best Thanksgiving Sides

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

It's almost Thanksgiving!

Since becoming an adult and the intense yearning for new toys at Christmas has worn off, Thanksgiving has been promoted to my very favorite holiday.

I love a holiday that, at the heart of things, is meant to remind us of all that we have to be thankful for. I love spending the day in the kitchen with my family, even when it's a little crazy. And if I'm really honest, I love a holiday where we are focused on food!

My family's traditional Thanksgiving meal is one of my all time favorite meals, so I get pretty excited when this holiday rolls around. We have a big juicy turkey (or turkeys some years depending on how many people are coming), traditional stuffing (my favorite), creamy mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and it's rounded out with both pumpkin and pecan pies. It's a lot of food, and food that isn't a part of a healthy lifestyle, but enjoyable when I indulge in it once a year.

To help balance things out, even if just a little, I typically contribute a veggie-full side dish to the feast. This way I know I can load my plate up with at least one healthy vegetable and then take smaller servings of the not-so-healthy staples. I get a bit of both healthy and indulgent and that feels good to my body.

I have no idea what your Thanksgiving will look like this year. Things are a bit unusual right now. But I created this post to share a few of my favorite sides that would be perfect, healthy additions to any Thanksgiving celebration!

Here are four of my favorite healthy sides, perfect for Thanksgiving!

1. Caramelized Carrots and Creamy Citrus Yogurt Sauce

2. Shave Brussels Sprouts Winter Salad

3. Sweet Cinnamon Butternut Squash Side

4. Broccoli + Brussels Loaded Greens Casserole

If you have any other recipes that you love to include on your Thanksgiving table, please share them below in the comments!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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