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(and are actually fun!).

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5 Tips for Top Notch Digestion

Say goodbye to straining trips to the bathroom or using coffee to help you go. This free PDF will help you go from bloated, constipated, and backed up to digestion that is easy, consistent, and energizing.

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3 Day Pantry + Freezer Meal Plan

It's pretty simple- 3 days of meals that include all real food ingredients from the pantry or freezer. Great for the week after vacay or when you haven't had time to hit the store for the week!

My name is Kelsey Cohrt and I am the creator of this rad place, 

Northwest Health Coaching.

I love what I do- support busy people with incorporating healthy habits into their lives, focusing on gut health (the gut is so cool and like REALLY important) and real food eating.

This is a passion of mine because I myself lived an unhealthy life for years, trying all the diets (Anyone remember SlimFast?), eating all the processed food, and being way too sleep deprived and stressed. This 90's kid has experienced all the unhealthy things.

If you've been there, or are there, I'm sorry. But I'm here to help. I work with clients in one-on-one health coaching programs, group coaching programs, put on meal prepping and gut health workshops, and even help with meal planning. Checkout my services page for more info!

And if you have a sec, send me a quick email to say "hi"! I would love to hear from you, why you are here, and an interesting fact about ya.

An interesting fact about me~ I can say the alphabet backwards. Not to brag, but I can do it pretty fast.


Thanks for visiting!

Kelsey Cohrt 

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

NWHC Testimonials

"I would describe Kelsey as caring, knowledgeable, insightful, understanding; the list goes on. She truly takes the time to understand your feelings, goals and the ‘why’ behind your journey. Her non-judgmental approach made it so easy to dig deep into the why I was feeling how I had been. She was more than just a nutritionist for me, she became a life coach that helped me in all aspects of my life. My most significant changes were learning how to quiet my negative thoughts and fill them with positive thoughts, along with getting better sleep and really focusing on my night time routine. She is truly incredible at her job and I have walked away from this experience with so many tools that I can now use on my own as I continue to navigate my journey!"

Kendahl H.
1 on 1 Health Coaching

"My goal for attending NWHC's Workshop was to get ideas and inspo for meal prepping. The workshop was extremely helpful in showing me non-daunting and non-intimidating ways to prep and save time during the week. I received lots of tips to get started, and I think lots of my friends would love this workshop!"

Susan K.
Meal Prepping Workshop

Kelsey is an incredible health and wellness coach. Each session is extremely customized & you can tell she takes time to prepare and dive deep into the areas of your life that you're working on. Not only does she focus on physical health, but mental health as well. She helped me create habits that impact my life in a great way, such as detoxification processes, meditation, meal prep & goal setting. Specifically we worked creating a diet that was sugar free (the Candida Diet) & she even created a whole meal plan for me/provided me with recipes that I use all the time. She puts on meal prep classes, 1:1s, and much more! I highly recommend Kelsey for anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life and what better timing than now as the new year is beginning. Thank you, Kelsey!

Kelly C.

1 on 1 Health Coaching

"Kelsey's meal prepping course had great suggestions on types of food to cook, how to mix it up, how to prep fruits and veggies and how to pre for the week. She has REAL ideas. It was very informational and I would recommend the workshop to all of my friends. The food was amazing!"

Kim H.
Meal Prepping Workshop

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