Your Healthy (But Still Delicious) Halloween Menu

This year Halloween will look a little different... but it doesn't mean it can't be fun and full of yummy, indulgent food!

Instead of a huge bowl of processed sugar (ok, there might be that too) try out these Halloween real-food favorites! They are festive, delicious, healthy, and will make you feel all the Halloween feels you want to experience on this fun holiday. Here is the meal plan I'm cooking up for Halloween so I can indulge but not feel like I ate an entire bag of Snickers.


Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins~ Why not start the festivities off by making your house smell like a pumpkin spice oasis? This recipe by Ambitious Kitchen is super easy, delicious, and the most festive way to start the holiday. Lunch:

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad~ This is the perfect, light, fiber filled lunch your body will be asking for as you are gearing up for an evening that is going to be a little heavier. This salad is delicious and filled with seasonal, digestive supporting greens that will leave you feeling good. Dinner:

Pumpkin Chili~ If Halloween isn't the most ideal day to eat pumpkin, then I don't know what day is. This recipe uses REAL sugar pie pumpkins that leave just a hint of pumpkin flavor in the soup. If you want to up the pumpkin taste a bit more, add a can of pureed (sugar free) pumpkin or really go for it by omitting the sugar pie pumpkin and doing two cans of pumpkin puree. And feel free to go hog wild on the toppings! It's Halloween after all! Dessert/Candy:

Chocolate Almond Butter Cups~I hate to admit it but Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the epitome of Halloween candy in my mind. Those were ALWAYS the most sought after candy when my friends and my brother and I would get home after trick-or-treating and start negotiating candy trades. This is a recipe I created a couple of years ago and has definitely become our replacement for the popular orange and yellow candy staple.

UPDATE: I recently noticed that my original recipe didn't include coconut oil to help the chocolate melt. This is an important part of making the almond butter cups as it helps keep the chocolate melted while you put the candy together. My apologies to anyone that has tried to make these and they became too clumpy! They should work much better if you follow this new edit.

Scary Movie Snack:

Air-popped Popcorn + Coconut Oil Drizzle~ Homemade, air-popped popcorn is way healthier than the bagged stuff, equally as easy to make, and so delicious that once you try it, you won't go back. Grab my recipe in my blog post about making fiber swaps. (I still need to make a blog post for it!)

I know that Halloween is still over a week away but I figured you would want to be prepared, and the Chocolate Almond Butter Cups and the Air-Popped Popcorn each use a kitchen utensil you may not have. Check the recipes out now so you can be ready for the big day!



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